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How to filter, round, and export your data
How to filter, round, and export your data

In this article we show you how to filter, round, and export your data via the Timeular desktop app

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Filtering and Exporting

  1. Head over to the Insights tab in the software (the pie chart icon).

  2. Enter the Timespan you would like to analyze via the button with the calendar icon near the top left (below the "General" tab).

  3. Optionally, filter for certain activities, folders, tags, etc. via the other buttons.

  4. You will now see a detailed breakdown of your time spent according to the filters you've set.

  5. If you have a Personal Pro or Team subscription, you can now export your data as CSV, Excel, or PDF file by clicking on the Export button in the top right corner (see screenshot below).
    If no filters are applied all the data for the time frame will be exported. If you do have filters applied then only the filtered data will be exported.

When exporting your data you can select whether you want to view the time entry data in Hours, minute and seconds (eg: 06:31:15) or Decimals (eg: 6.52). You can also select which columns to populate in your exported report.

If you are filtering for multiple folders the inner ring of the "Summary" chart will show you the folder data and the outer ring will show you the activity data. You can hover over each segment for more detailed information.

You can save your filtered data to quickly return to it with a single click. Once you have applied your desired filters click on the "+ Save Filter" button and give your filter a name. Now whenever you want to see this specific data set click on your saved filter and these filters will automatically be applied.


When viewing your data in the Insights view click the "Rounding" button to see the options to round your time entries to various durations.

Please note: The rounding will only be applied to the data shown on the Insights tab. This will not make any changes to the actual time entry data that was created in the Timeular Calendar tab.

We hope these insights will help you identify your time sinks and further optimize how you spend your time.

Please note: If you are exporting a large PDF report the data may get truncated depending on the PDF software you're using (this will happen with Adobe Reader, for example). In these scenarios we suggested breaking the export up into smaller timeframes so that all data will be visible.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at [email protected].

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