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Tracking Notifications

Explains what tracking notifications are and how to configure them

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Timeular supports a number of reminders and notifications that you can enable to get updated on what is being tracked or reminded to start/end or change tracking. 

What are tracking notifications? 

Tracking notifications inform the user about the following events around your time tracking: 

Starting tracking: Displayed when tracking was started either through flipping your Tracker or starting an activity manually.

Stopping tracking: Displayed when tracking has stopped either because the Tracker was put into its base or tracking was stopped manually. 

Switching the tracking between activities: Displayed if your Tracker was flipped and the task has switched from one to another.

Connecting/Disconnecting the Tracker: Displayed if the connection to your Tracker has been established or it has disconnected.  

How can I configure tracking notifications? 

While some users like to know what's going on, others find these notifications distracting. You can configure your preferences via Settings > Reminders and enable/disable them with one click. 

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