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How you can use two Trackers
How you can use two Trackers
In this article we describe how you can use two Trackers
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Please note: 2 or more Trackers cannot be paired with the same device simultaneously. If Tracker A is currently connected to your computer and you want to use Tracker B you would first have to disconnect Tracker A before connecting Tracker B.

If you want, you can use one Tracker in your office and one, for example, in your home office, without having to carry the device constantly back and forth.

You can see all your Trackers in the app in the settings section:

Imagine you work in your office and keep a busy record of your activities. When you're done, just put the Tracker in the base.

At home you want to continue working and record your time, of course. You just take your second Tracker from the base as usual and start to track. Each Tracker remembers its individual assignment. This means that you can assign different activities to your two Trackers if necessary.

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