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Reminder: Long Time Entries
Reminder: Long Time Entries

Get notified when a time entry exceeds a certain duration

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What does the reminder do?

After a certain amount of time is spent tracking a time entry the reminder will ask you whether or not you want to stop tracking your current time entry. Clicking the "Stop" button will stop tracking and clicking "No" will allow you to continue tracking.

How can the reminder be enabled?

You can find the reminder in the Timeular desktop app by navigating to Settings > Reminders

Click the check box beside Remind after long time entry to enable the feature.

Under "Duration" you can select auto which allows Timeular to automatically suggest the long time entry duration based on your previously created time entries or manual if you'd like to specify the duration yourself.

Check the Automatically stop tracking box if you'd like the time entry to stop automatically once it reaches the specified duration.

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