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Bluetooth and Windows
Bluetooth and Windows

This article helps you to find out if you can use the integrated Bluetooth of your Windows PC or Laptop to connect to the Timeular Tracker.

Updated over a week ago

"It's complicated” is probably what describes the relationship between Windows and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE - the Bluetooth standard our Tracker uses) best. 

In the following article, I would like to explain how to find out if you can use your computer's integrated Bluetooth to communicate with BLE devices and therefore the Timeular Tracker. 

Windows 7 and 8 don't have any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support whatsoever so you will need to use a USB Bluetooth dongle in order to connect the Tracker. The USB Bluetooth dongle must be BLE compatible and must use a CSR8510 A10 chipset.

On Windows 10 things start to get a bit more complicated. Basically, your system needs to meet 2 requirements to go without the dongle: 

  1. You need to use Windows 10 Version 1803 (April 2018 Update) or newer.

  2. Your Computer needs to have an integrated BLE capable Bluetooth device

Here are two links to help you to check for those requirements: 

Most new macOS devices support BLE. Please check here to see if your device supports it:

If your System fulfils both requirements: Party Time 🎉 Starting with Timeular 1.9.0 you can use your computers integrated Bluetooth to connect with the Timeular Tracker.

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