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How to map workflows to Folders
How to map workflows to Folders

A quick guide to creating Folders, activities, tags, and inviting other Timeular users

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This article will show you how to setup your Folders, activities, tags, and contributors*. Folders can be used solo or you can invite other Timeular users to work collaboratively within a Folder. A Folder is a container for your activities.

*If you wish to invite other Timeular users to to a Folder each user will require a Team subscription seat. You can find more information regarding Team subscriptions here.

Creating a folder

To get started click on the + Add folder button (1) in the "Calendar" view of the Timeular app.

When you're adding a Folder you'll need to select an icon to represent the Folder (1), give the Folder a name (2) and then click on the Next button (3) to create your new Folder.

If you have a Personal Pro or Team subscription you can also select whether you want to track billable time in the Folder you're creating or set hourly rates.

Adding activities to a folder

You can now begin adding activities to your Folder. Activities are what you will use to create time entries. Type out the desired activity name (2) and hit the enter key or click the check mark icon (3) to add the activity to your Folder. An activity colour will be selected automatically (1) however you can specify a colour by clicking on the coloured circle. Create as many activities as you require for the Folder.

Inviting users to a folder

Once you've created your Folder and its activities you can invite other Timeular users to join the Folder and work collaboratively with you.

With Folders there are two types of users: Supervisors and Contributors. You are automatically a Supervisor if you are the creator of a Folder.

Supervisors can do things like create and edit activities and tags within a Folder. They can also up/downgrade users to Supervisor or Contributor and they can remove users from a Folder.

Supervisors are also able to see the tracked time entry data of other Supervisors and Contributors to a folder via the "Insights" area of the Timeular app (but only 24 hours after it has been created).

Contributors are able to track time entries using the activities and tags that the Supervisors have created. Contributors are only able to see their own time entry data within a Folder.

To invite a Timeular user to a Folder click on the Contributors tab and then enter their email address (1), select Supervisor or Contributor from the drop down menu (2) , and then click on the Invite (3) button. The invitee will appear in the members list as (pending) until they have accepted the invitation (they will receive an email notification).

Creating tags in a folder

Once you have your Supervisors and Contributors invited you can begin to define the tags that will be used in this Folder. These tags are Folder-aware so any tags that are added here will only be applicable to the activities within this Folder.

To add a tag to your Folder enter the tag name, including either # or @ (1), and click the Add button (2). The tag will appear in a list once it has been added successfully.

If you need to edit or delete a tag you can click the pencil icon beside the tag that will appear when you hover your cursor over the tag and either make your changes and save by clicking the check mark icon, or delete the tag by clicking the trash can icon.

Congratulations 🎉 your new Folder is now setup! If you click on the Calendar tab you can now begin tracking time entries within your Folder and add Folder-specific tags within the notes as well!

If you encountered any issues or if you have any questions at all please reach out to us at [email protected]

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