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Getting your team set-up
Getting your team set-up

Some tips to get your team up and running with Timeular

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Below are some instructions and resources to get yourself and your team up and running with Timeular.

Setting up a team

Step 1: Download and install the Timeular Software:

  1. Download our software at .

  2. Install and start the software.

  3. Log in with your email and the password or if you don't have one: create a new account by clicking the Sign Up link near the bottom of the login window.

Step 2: Setup your workspace:

You can now setup your workspace by assigning your Team subscription seats to your team members.

Navigate to Settings > Members and click the +Invite a Team Member button. Enter the email address of the person you'd like to assign the subscription seat to (separate multiple users emails with a comma), specify the role of the invitee(s) (Members, Admins, or Owners), and click the Invite button.

  • Member: Someone who can contribute to the workspace but who can't access workspace settings. Members can only see their own time entry data in workspace folders and must use already defined activities and tags.

  • Admin: Someone who can access and edit all workspace settings except for billing. Can see everyone's time entry data in workspace folders as well as create/edit activities and tags.

  • Owner: Someone who can access and edit all workspace settings including billing. Can see everyone's time entry data in workspace folders as well as create/edit activities and tags.

If you already have Folders setup you can also invite your workspace members to your desired Folders atthis time via the "Add to folder (optional)" section of the modal. If you don't have folders setup continue below to Step 3 to find out how to setup Folders.

By default a Team subscription will be assigned to the same email address that was used to purchase the Team subscriptions. If you want to change this, click the Role drop down to the right of your account and click Remove from workspace.

Please note: You must set someone else as Owner if this is your current role as you cannot remove yourself while the subscription Owner.

Step 3: Set up the Folder(s):

Create a Workspace Folder

To create a Workspace Folder click on the + Add folder (1) button or hover over the name of an existing folder and click the edit (pencil) icon (2).

On the "General" tab you will be able to designate this folder as a Workspace folder. This is an irreversible action so please be sure you want to proceed. Activities within a Workspace folder will count toward your team's working hours (unless they are excluded) and Admins/Owners of a workspace will be able to view any folder member's time entry data.

You can also select whether you want to track billable time in the Folder you're creating or set hourly rates.

The briefcase icon beside a workspace folder name indicates that this folder belongs to a workspace.

Adding activities to a folder

You can now begin adding activities to your Folder. Activities are what you will use to create time entries. Type out the desired activity name (2) and hit the enter key or click the check mark icon (3) to add the activity to your Folder.

An activity colour will be selected automatically (1) however you can specify a colour by clicking on the coloured circle.

If you enabled billable time when creating the folder you can specify which activities should be billable by default using the dollar sign icon (4). If you would like to exclude any activities from your work hours you can do so using the clock icon (5).

Create as many activities as you require for the Folder.

Inviting members to a folder and setting their access level (Team subscription only)

Once you've created your Folder and its activities you can invite other Timeular users to join the Folder and work collaboratively with you.

🚨Please note 🚨: If you checked the option to create a Workspace folder then any Admins and/or Owners of the workspace (subscription) will be added to the Members list by default and cannot be removed.

Folders have two levels of permissions: Full access and Personal access.

Full access members can do things like create and edit activities and tags within a Folder. They can also up/downgrade users to Full access or Personal access and they can remove members from a Folder.

Full access members are also able to see the tracked time entry data of all other folder members via the "Insights" area of the Timeular app (but only time entries created before midnight of the time entry creator's time zone will be visible)

Personal access members are able to track time entries using the activities and tags that the Full access members have created and personal access members are only able to see their own time entry data within a Folder. Anyone in the Members list with the three dot icon ... to the right of their name has personal access.

To invite a Timeular user to a Folder click on the Members tab and then click the Add member button. To add someone who is not a workspace member type their email address in the "Add external guests" area and select their permission level and then click the Invite button. Non workspace members will appear with a Guest badge in the Members list.

You will also be able to quickly add any workspace members via the "Add workspace members" section.

Creating tags in a folder

Once you have your Supervisors and Contributors invited you can begin to define the tags that will be used in this Folder. These tags are Folder-aware so any tags that are added here will only be applicable to the activities within this Folder.

To add a tag to your Folder enter the tag name, including either # or @ (1), and click the Add button (2). The tag will appear in a list once it has been added successfully.

If you need to edit or delete a tag you can click the pencil icon beside the tag that will appear when you hover your cursor over the tag and either make your changes and save by clicking the check mark icon, or delete the tag by clicking the trash can icon.

Congratulations πŸŽ‰ your new Folder is now setup! If you click on the Calendar tab you can now begin tracking time entries within your Folder and add Folder-specific tags within the notes as well!

If you encountered any issues or if you have any questions at all please reach out to us at [email protected]

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