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Create and assign activities in the mobile app
Create and assign activities in the mobile app

Create and assign activities to your Tracker using our mobile apps

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You can create your own custom activities by clicking the "+ Add Activity" button on the "Timer" or "Tracker" screens of the mobile app.

  1. Type the activity name and select the colour you'd like to associate with this activity

  2. Click on "Save"

  3. If you are using the Tracker, you can now assign this activity to the side of your Tracker. Make sure your Tracker is powered on and has been connected successfully and then place your Tracker on the desired side. Click the toggle switch beside the activity name you want to assign to your Tracker and a "Facing Up" label should appear indicating it's been assigned.

  4. The activity with the "Facing Up" label will be the one that begins Tracking when the Tracker is placed on the corresponding side

5. Now label or mark this side of your Tracker according to the activity that you assigned to it as in the picture above (so that you know later which side belongs to which activity).

6. Now turn your Tracker to a different side and repeat this process for the other activities that you want to assign.

7. That's it - you're ready to go! 🎉

Tip: If you're working on more than 8 activities or projects at a time, read here for how to create subprojects using notes.

Need some help or have feedback? Reach out via [email protected] or use the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

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