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Gain insights into your data in our mobile app
Gain insights into your data in our mobile app

Use the Insights tab to your advantage on our mobile apps

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In this article I'll bring you up to speed with the various analytics available on the Insights tab. The analytics in Timeular help you to:

  • Discover where your time goes and get insights on what you spend it on

  • Spot trends in how you spend your time and compare key metrics to time frames in the past

  • Explore how what you spend your time on changes over time and detect patterns

  • Have a detailed look at every time entry and make adjustments quickly

This view consists of several different analytics which help you to understand how you spend your time.

You can set the date range you're interested in by clicking the calendar icon in the top right-hand corner. You can page through months by clicking the arrows and you can click on the dates within the calendar to select your start and end date.

You will see the percentage of your short, medium and long entries in the data near the top of the window. Short entries are below 15 minutes, medium from 15 - 60 minutes and long entries above 60 minutes. In addition to this, you'll be able to see the total amount of time entries created corresponding with the date range you've selected, the total hours logged, and the average time logged per day.

Each activity you have tracked during the selected date range will then be shown with a total hours tracked summary to the right of the activity name.

You can click on the triangle to the left of your activity names to expand them and see a list of each individual time entry that is associated with this activity over the course of the date range you've selected. You can even click on the individual time entries to edit or delete them if necessary.

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