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Why we don't track time entries < 60 seconds
Why we don't track time entries < 60 seconds

Avoid context switching and set aside focus time

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The average time spent on a single task before interruption is only 1 minute and 15 seconds. Not only that but after being interrupted it takes 25 minutes on average to resume the original task. Context switching, jumping between tasks or projects, negatively impacts your focus and productivity.

Psychologist Gerald Weinberg has said that each context switch causes a decrease in productive time available by about 20%:

We understand that not every time entry less than 60 seconds is a distraction, sometimes there are just quick tasks that need to be completed, but if you're noticing regularly that you are tracking time entries for less than 60 seconds:

Short tasks:

  • Can these tasks be delegated to free up your time and allow for more focus?

  • Is it possible to automate any smaller tasks?


  • Schedule a block of focus time in your calendar and concentrate only on the task at hand for the duration of the scheduled time

  • Communicate asynchronously and set aside time after the completion of focused tasks to address any messages or notifications

Limiting distractions and minimizing shorter 'busy work' tasks are gateways to greater productivity as well as a more balanced work-life.

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