Budget filters

Specify which Folders/Activities/Tags/Members should count toward your budget

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Do you want more granular control over your budgets? Now you can specify which Folders/Activities/Tags/Members should count toward the budgets you create by using filters.

To get started click the "New" button to create a new budget. Give your budget a name in the "Title" field and then select the Folder or Folders that should count toward the budget you're creating. You must select at least one Folder when creating a budget (1), however the activities (2), tags (3), and members (4) are optional. If no activity, tag, or member filters are selected the budget will automatically use "All" for each of those categories.

Clicking on each of the filter options under the "Filter" area of the budget setup window will allow you to specify which of the filters you want to select for the budget you're creating.

Once you have your filters selected you specify the amount of time that should count toward the budget, whether or not you want the budget to repeat (weekly or monthly), and select a start and end date for the budget. You can then choose to share the budget information with just yourself, all the admins of the Folder(s), or all the admins and members of the Folder(s), as well as add alerts to your budget which is all covered here.

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