Leave tracking

Add leave entries to your Calendar to keep track of time off

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Keep track of you or your team's leaves by adding leave entries in Timeular. To do so just click an empty spot in the Timeular Calendar and select the applicable leave type:

If the leave should occupy your entire work day just check off the Full workday button and the leave will automatically adjust itself and it will be displayed in the All-day section at the top of the Calendar.

Otherwise, you can specify the start/end date and time via the Leave Editor, or manually adjust the duration of the leave. Notes can also be entered to give the leave more context.

Please note: Any leave entry you create is "Pending" until it is approved or denied by a subscription Admin/Owner. Pending leave entries are only visible to the creator and subscription Admins/Owners. If a leave is approved it will remain in your Calendar whereas if it is denied it will be removed from your Calendar. You'll receive a notification of approved/denied leaves in the notification area (bell icon)

When you add a leave entry an indicator will appear beside the day (1) with the colour corresponding to the type of leave that was created. Your working hours for the day will automatically be adjusted as well. In this case after creating a full workday leave entry the working hours were reduced from 8h to 0h to account for the leave (2).

Pending leave

Pending leaves are indicated by the dotted outline of the leave entry and the hourglass icon.

Approved leave

Approved leaves have a solid outline and the hourglass icon no longer appears.


Owners/Admins of a workspace will now be notified when someone requests a leave. There will be a red notification dot beside the bell icon in the navigation column on the left-hand side of the Timeular app indicating when there is a new notification:

Clicking on the bell icon will open the notification drawer and present your notifications. Unread notifications are marked with a red dot. You can switch between all notifications and only unread notifications using the "All" and "Unread" buttons near the top of the notification drawer:

If you hover over a notification you'll see two icons appear (these are magnified in the screenshot below). The icon on the left will mark a notification as read while the arrow icon on the right will take you to the leave request (in this scenario).

Approving/Denying Time Leaves

If you are the Owner or Admin of a subscription you'll also be able to approve or deny leave requests made by members of your workspace.

To do so you can either click on the notification icon (see above) or click on the Insights icon (1) in the navigation bar on the left and then click on Leave (2) near the top of the window. To the right of the leave requests in the list view you can click on the Approve or Deny button to perform the desired action.

A leave entry that has been approved will show a blue outline around the Approve button (1) and one that has been denied will appear with a red outline around the Deny button (2).

Leave quotas, types, and defaults

Personal Pro users and Owners/Admins of a Team subscription can also set leave quotas. To do this on a per-user basis click a user's name in the "Leave" list in the Insights area and then click the "Leave quotas" tab or navigate to Settings > Workspace > Members and clicking on a user's name and click on "Leave quotas".

๐ŸšจPlease note ๐Ÿšจ

If there are no leaves (approved, denied, or pending) in the leave list you will need to first create a pending time leave. Once there is at least one leave you'll then be able to click the user's name in the leave list and set quotas as described above. You can then approve, deny, or delete the pending leave if it is not required.

If there is no limit to the number of days for a specific leave type you can click the infinity symbol (โ™พ๏ธ) to specify this. This is also the default for all leave types.

To set default leave quotas for your entire workspace navigate to Settings > Workspace > Members and click on the gear icon. On the Leave types tab you can customize which leave types should be available to your team by checking or un-checking the box to the left of the leave type and a default quota for all team members can be set on the right:

After you've made your changes click on the Save button and you'll be presented with the option to apply these changes only to future members (only newly invited workspace members) or to all existing workspace members.

Exporting leave data

When viewing the leave list, calendar view, or bar chart (1,2,3) you can click the "Export" button and export the leaves to PDF.

Subscribing to the leave calendar

You can also subscribe to a leave calendar to see at-a-glance information regarding who has upcoming leave time when looking at your Google/Apple/Outlook (or other) calendar. To do so navigate to Insights > Leaves and click on the "Subscribe to calendar" link. This will generate a leave calendar URL. Simply click on the copy button and subscribe to it in the calendar of your choosing.

We're collecting feedback regarding leave tracking so if you have anything you'd like to see or if you've encountered any issues please reach out to [email protected]

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