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Automatic timesheet reminders
Automatic timesheet reminders

Send your team a reminder email to complete their timesheet

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Despite Timeular being so easy to use, we all forget to track time here and there. You can set up an automatic email reminder for the whole team to ensure they've all completed their timesheets.

These automated reminders can be sent weekly on Mondays or on the 1st of the month. You can even send a reminder if the tracked time matches the work hours 100%, just to be sure.

To enable these reminders navigate to the Settings > Workspace > Members area of the Timeular app. Click on the gear icon (1) to open the Default Member settings and then click on the Automatic reminders (2) tab:

You can now enable the reminders for members of your workspace by checking the "Activate automatic reminder emails" option. If you would like to send an automated reminder to teammates even if their tracked time matches 100% or more of their work hours check the "Send reminder even if time matches 100% or more. To doublecheck" option.

If you would like these reminders sent weekly every Monday select the "weekly on Monday" option, otherwise select the "monthly on 1st" to have the reminder sent on the first of every month.

An example of a weekly reminder email can be seen below:

If you have any questions reach out to us at [email protected] any time!

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