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What is a Workspace Folder?
What is a Workspace Folder?

Learn what happens when you add a Folder to a Workspace

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When you create/edit a folder and designate it as a "Workspace folder" that allows any Admins or Owners of the Workspace (subscription) to view the time entry data of the folder members. Only the activities within Workspace folders will count toward working hours (overtime and hours owed).

Create a Workspace Folder

To create a Workspace Folder click on the + Add folder (1) button or hover over the name of an existing folder and click the edit (pencil) icon (2).

On the "General" tab you will be able to designate this folder as a Workspace folder. This is an irreversible action so please be sure you want to proceed.

The briefcase icon beside a workspace folder name indicates that this folder belongs to a workspace.

Insights across Workspace Folders

Only Admins and Owners of a workspace will be able to see the work hours of other workspace members in the Insights > Work hours area of Timeular. This includes hours owing, overtime, and any approved leave.

Use the Members filter (1) at the top to select any workspace members whose work hour data you'd like to see. All the workspace folders which are counted toward these hours are indicated at the bottom of the table (2).

If you are a Member of a workspace you will only be able to see your own work hour data here.

Insights across all folders

To analyze time entry data across all folders, both Workspace folders and non-Workspace Folders, use the People Digest table in the Insights > General area of Timeular. This table shows the total amount of tracked time entry data based on the filters you've set and does not take into account hours owing, overtime, or leave data.

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