Learn how to adjust overtime balance and compensate accrued overtime

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Overtime (or under hours) within workspace folders can now be calculated and compensated accordingly. Overtime can be compensated in three ways:

  • Pay out (-)

  • Time off in lieu (-)

  • Carry over (+)

The calculation is based on working hours settings and total time tracked. In the screenshot below you can see that for the week of April 1-7 (1) the user Frida Kahlo has accrued +10 hours of overtime (2) but Mark Rothko owes -14.5 hours of work (3) (you can see that no time entry data was logged for Mark Rothko on Thursday or Friday) and Pablo Picasso has not accrued any overtime but has fulfilled his 40 hours of work obligation.

Owners and Admins of a workspace can compensate overtime by clicking on a user in the table and then clicking the Adjust balance button. From there select the compensation type and add a note (this is mandatory) and click the Save button. The balance will be applied to the user's total.

If you are granting Carryover of Time off in lieu you can adjust the balances for each user you're compensating by clicking their name and then clicking the Leave quotas tab and entering the new value (measured in days here).

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