You may have asked yourself, what the different LED patterns mean? How does the base work? And if the button has different commands? Well, here we go.

LED signals

The different LED patterns and what they mean are stated below. We're currently reviewing and improving it based on your feedback and release a new version in the near future. In the meantime, this is how it works right now.

If you see a short red blink when switching your ZEIº on it only means: power on.

Button commands

The button does nothing magic except On/Off and Reset which are described in detail in the picture below.

The base

The main reason why we developed the base is to make it as simple as possible to stop tracking with your ZEIº and in fact, it is. Just put your ZEIº into the base (the button must be in one of the two horizontal positions) in order to stop tracking and just remove it in order to start again.

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