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I'll now guide you through setting up your proxy configuration.

If you start Timeular for the first time in a proxy-restricted network, you have to create a proxy-configuration before signing in.
Open "Network Settings" in then Timeular menubar. 

You can now configure your individual proxy settings via this form.
Please contact your network administrator for further assistance.

Mode: (de)activate your proxy configuration
Type: select the protocol for the communication with your proxy-server
Server: IP-Address or hostname of your proxy server
Port: the port your proxy server is listening on
Proxy server requires a password: choose whether you need to authenticate on your proxy server

To test and apply your configuration click the Save & Test Settings Button. Timeular will now try to connect to our servers through your proxy server.

If you get a Tested successfully! you are done and can now fully enjoy Timeular.

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