Short facts

  • JIRA projects are imported as activities in Timeular
  • JIRA issues are imported as #hashtags that you can reference in the notes of every time entry.
  • Archiving a JIRA activity in Timeular does not delete the corresponding JIRA project.


  1. Set up the JIRA integration at .
  2. Your JIRA projects should appear as activities in the Timeular app.
  3. Assign the activities to a side of ZEIº.
  4. Track your time for the project.
  5. Assign time to a specific issue/worklog by entering the #issue within the note section of the app. There is an autocompletion for all your issues. The #jiraIssue must be the first #tag in a comment. Valid example: Worked on #jiraissue #design. Non valid example: Worked on #design #jiraissue.

For a more detailed description and configuration help for JIRA, please read more here.

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