Short facts

  • Toggl projects are imported as activities in Timeular.
  • You can create Toggl projects within the Timeular app.
  • New created projects and entries in Toggl are synced roughly every 30s.
  • When you start tracking an activity imported from Toggl, it will start tracking within the Toggl app as well.
  • When you stop tracking within Toggl, it will not stop tracking within Timeular. But we're working on it.


  1. Set up the Toggl integration at .
  2. Your Toggl projects will appear as activities in the Timeular app.
  3. Assign the activities to a side of ZEIº.
  4. Track your time for all the projects and watch your timeline within Toggl get filled.

How to setup Toggl for Timeular

1. Log in on and head over to “integrations”
2. Click on the “+” at the Toggl integration
3. Head over to
4. Copy your API key at the very bottom

5. Go back to the Timeular website, paste your Toggl API key and click next.
6. Select your default workspace and hit “complete”.

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