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  1. Click on the time entry you want to edit.
  2. Now you can either delete or edit all the properties of this entry.
  3. If you haven’t tried #tags and @mentions yet, now it would be a good time to give them a try! Read here for more information on that. 
  4. Note that there are the following limitations when editing a time entry: 
  • The start time must be before the end time (I know, that seems to be a pretty artificial rule, but trust us on this one 👍🏼).
  • Time entries cannot overlap.
  • An entry’s activity can only be changed to an activity of the same integration. (e.g. co cannot select a Toggl-activity and reassign it to a JIRA-activity).

  5. When you are finished editing just hit the “save” button in the upper right corner.

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