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Log in using the same set of credentials you use to log in to the Timeular app. Navigate to Settings > Plan & Billing and click on the Manage my plan button

Please note that only the person who purchased the Basic or Pro subscription can manage it. If you have been assigned the subscription and want to make any changes (e.g. change your email address), please contact the person who assigned the subscription to you.

How to add seats to your Pro subscription

If you need to purchase additional Pro subscriptions you can do so via the Plan & Billing section. Simply click the + button to increase the amount of seats associated with your Pro subscription and then click the Add x extra seat(s) button to complete the purchase and update your Pro subscription.

Once the additional seats have been purchased they can be assigned to Timeular users via the Members section.

If you're looking to cancel your Pro subscription(s) you can learn how to do so here.

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