If you've purchased several Pro subscriptions for your colleagues or team members, you can assign them in your account in a few steps:

  1. Head over to the "My Account" area which you find in the footer of our website.
  2. Log in with your email address and the password that you created during the checkout process when purchasing the Pro subscriptions. 
  3. Click on "Subscriptions" in the menu bar on the left. 
  4. Enter the email addresses of the persons you want to assign the Pro subscription to into one of the empty slots (see video below).
  5. Click on the "save" icon next to the email address to save your input. 

6. We then send an email to that person informing them that they have just been assigned a Pro subscription. They will have to download the app and create an account with the same email address in order to use the Pro software. 

If you want to remove the Pro subscription from someone, simply hit the little "X" next to their email address. Their account will then be downgraded to the Basic Plan

If you need help setting this up or have any questions - use the chat widget on the bottom right corner and send us email to [email protected]

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