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What does the reminder do?

After a certain amount of time is spent tracking a time entry the reminder will ask you whether or not you want to stop tracking your current time entry. Clicking the "Stop" button will stop tracking and clicking "No" will allow you to continue tracking.

How can the reminder be enabled?

You can find the reminder in the Timeular desktop app by clicking Settings and then clicking on Reminders & Emails. Simply activate the checkbox "Reminder Long Time Entries".

Once activated, you can choose between several options: 

  • Let Timeular automatically detect a good time for the reminder to trigger based on your tracked data. The value for the duration is recalculated and improved every day to make sure we find the best time to remind you. You can see the current value of this estimation in brackets (after now).

  • Manually enter a period of time and choose if Timeular should remind you once or several times in a certain time interval. If you choose 180 minutes, for instance, you will receive a reminder after 3 hours (if you haven't changed activities in between this period of time).

  • You have the possibility to stop tracking automatically. If you activate the checkbox to enable this function, you will get a notification that the entered or manually detected period of time has passed. You can select between closing the notification or continuing to track your time entry.

    In addition, you can set a time at which the tracking is automatically stopped.

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