What's new in Timeular 1.9.0

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New Features 🎉: 

  • We know that Bluetooth Connectivity is still an issue for some of our users. We are working hard to improve many parts of our product affecting this. This version includes improvements that make the connection to your Tracker / ZEI° more stable. More improvements coming right up. 💙

  • Basic users could only create and track 8 activities up to now. As we want to enable all our users (Basic and Pro) to track their time as accurate as possible, we removed this barrier. So all users can now create and track unlimited activities and we hope this helps you in tracking all you want. You are free now. Fly, little bird. Fly. 🐦

  • Let's admit it: We all LOVE Bluetooth dongles. How they conveniently reduce the complexity of choosing between our many USB ports, make us clean our desks by hiding in a tricky spot or keep an eye on our docking stations while on the go lacking connectivity. Nevertheless, we feel we all need to let go here. We are very happy to announce that Timeular now works with your integrated Bluetooth on Windows 10 (above version 1703). So free up that USB port and enjoy improved Bluetooth connectivity. We hope this makes your life easier. 🔌

  • "In all beginnings dwells a magic force" (Hesse). Well, we know that getting started with your Tracker / ZEI° might have not been very magical (or even seamless really) up to now. In this version, we introduce a pairing popup, that makes it easier for users to see when their Tracker / ZEI° has been recognized by the software and pair it with a single click. 🍿

  • We added notifications to let you know if you flip your Tracker / ZEI° to a side that's currently not assigned. 

Fixed Issues 🐞: 

  • The application would sometimes show the wrong notification when switching tasks. 🚨

  • Notification sounds also played for some users even though sounds were deactivated in the settings. Things like that can get serious very quickly in an open-office environment. We hope you're fine. Fixed. Sorry. 🔕

  • We are constantly working on improving the responsiveness and performance of our apps. Made some important steps in this version. 🏎

  • User settings would not persist when logging out and back in on the same device. Made no sense. Fixed. ⚙️

  • *Jedi voice on*: The resource consumption of the Timeular app did not increase if many Bluetooth devices were close by. *Jedi voice off* . If that does not work for you: Sorry - fixed it :-) 👋

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