New Features 🎉: 

  • We know it's sometimes difficult to remember to start, stop or switch tracking in certain situations. Therefore we are happy to introduce reminders to help you in theses cases. We are kicking-off with a reminder to start tracking when you begin your day and have more coming up for you soon. We hope this will kickstart your day. ⏰

  • You might have suspected it: We are (mostly) European. Which is why Timeular only supported 24h time (and a specific date format) up to now. These days are over and we now support 12 hour time as well as US date format. Please excuse our foolish ignorance. We love you all. ❤️

  • For all the night owls and those who forget to stop their tracking at night: It is now possible to to change time entries spanning over multiple days and we made it easier to enter dates and times. 📅

  • We improved how you can assign activities to the sides of your ZEI°. We know this was a very difficult part in getting started with your ZEI° and hope this will help. 

Fixed Issues 🐞: 

  • A loophole in the universe allowed users to assign activities to edges of the ZEI°. Our scientist destroyed several stargates and we could successfully close it. Mission accomplished. 🛰

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