New Features 🎉: 

  • Finally the day has come 🤗: After months of hard work we are very excited to finally get your hands onto the weekly view.

    The weekly view is the all new appearance of Timeular giving you a great overview over your full week of tracking and making tracking and editing your time easier than ever. Too many new things to put into the release notes and too excited to boil it down 🤩, so head over to to learn more.

    With all the chaos going on in the world, we hope this release helps you stay on top of your time and spend it on the things that really matter.

    Talking of chaos - To all you out there in the UK: Let us know if you have questions or we can help 🇬🇧

    A big thanks to the whole team as well as Wolfgang and Oleksii for your great and hard work on this. You are awesome 🚀

  • We performed a major upgrade to our infrastructure for syncing time tracking data. This means every change you make on any device is now reflected on all other devices almost instantly. 📲

    Turns out transporting portions of time at very high speeds is … kind of tricky. In case you have fiber internet and experience dilution of your time tracking data, please contact support ⚡️ Special thanks to our great backend team who’s members are now on average 2 months younger than they should be at that point after working on this. 🤷‍♀️ … physics. 

Fixed Issues 🐞: 

  • Turns out that when people really #loved to use many #tags in their #notes our app #crashed due to a #hashtagoverflow. Sorry if this caused you any trouble, but now our app is more than ready to #tagItLikeItsHot. Go tags go 🎉 

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