New Features 🎉: 

  • Tracking your data is one thing. But understanding it and getting insights 💡 is a whole different animal. We rebuilt our analytics from the ground up to make it easier for you than ever to gain meaningful insights into your data. Apply powerful filters, see different aspects of your time in all new charts and export to share with others. Now all easy peasy 🍋🍋

  • While sometimes you want to sink your teeth right into your data, other times just getting a small bite of key metrics on your time is enough. However big your hunger, the Timeular analytics now got what you need. Enjoy! 🌮

    P.S. We have Pie (Charts) 🎂

  • For the time sheet and billing people out there 👋: An all new time entry list so you see all entries at a glance and can adapt with one click. Booya! 🤜🤛

  • Introducing: the all new bar chart  showing you the best bars in town matching your time tracking profile. Just kidding (ping us if anyone wants to pick up on that idea), but still great news: The all new bar chart shows you how your time spending changes over time and allows you to discover patterns 🔥 🔥  To your time, cheers 🍺

Fixed Issues 🐞: 

  • Many fixes and improvements under the hood and in weekly view. May the bugs rest in peace ✌️

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