What's new in Timeular 2.3

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Improvements ⬆️:

  • Thanks so much for your feedback and your time for all the conversations we had. We really appreciate your time and have heard your biggest issue loud and clear: Bluetooth Connectivity. Based on your insights, we focused this whole release and all of our resources on optimizing, tweaking and fixing things related to the connection stability and speed of your Tracker. We went down deep into the mines of bluetoothia to investigate issues, defeated bluerogs that smashed Bluetooth connections and escaped from hordes of timeouts orcs that tried to stop us on our way ⛰. Them bugs shall not pass!!✋ While we have many exciting things coming up, we are confident this makes a huge difference. Hang in there Frodo!  😀

  • Improved the process of connecting and pairing your Tracker. We know this was sometimes confusing, we didn't like it either and made it much nicer. Hope you like it. ❤️

  • Fixed many (many many) bugs and improved the performance at many points.  

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