In the following article you will learn how you can further improve your timetracking workflow by using shortcuts. In case you can't find the ones you are looking for and want to suggest additional ones please write to: [email protected]

In a lot of instances CTRL/CMD will be mentioned. In those cases, CTRL needs to be used on Windows and CMD on macOS.

No matter where you are inside the Timeular app, you can switch between all four views by using the following shortcuts:

  • CTRL/CMD + 1 will bring you to the weekly view.

  • CTRL/CMD + 2 will bring you to the activities view.

  • CTRL/CMD + 3 will bring you to the analytics view.

  • CTRL/CMD + 4 will bring you to the settings.

Weekly view shortcuts

  • ESC unfocuses input fields, closes the edit drawer or discards changes if any were made.

  • CTRL/CMD + LEFT/RIGHT navigates to the week before/after.

  • CTRL/CMD + +/- will zoom in/out.

  • CTRL/CMD + s or CTRL/CMD + Enter saves changes or closes the edit drawer if no change was made.

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