Whether you're tracking your time to submit a time sheet to your employer at the end of the week, interested in gaining insights on how your time is spent and how you can maximize your productivity, or anything in between, we created Timeular to be the best possible solution for your time-tracking needs.

With the introduction of Shared Spaces a space Admin now has the ability to view and filter analytical data about the shared space they've created. This includes things like activities, time entries, tags, and members. Timeular takes privacy seriously and because of this we've also introduced a 24 hour delay with regard to the analytical data that space Admins are able to view.

In the example below we see a screenshot of Ashley Smith's Calendar. Ashley is a member of a shared space named "Client A." Ashley has tracked 3 time entries: Meetings and Research on Monday (#1), and Meetings again on Tuesday (#2).

Because there is a 24 hour delay in the analytical data that an Admin can view, we can see in the screenshot below that even though the Admin has the date range set to July 25-31 (#1) and is performing this search today (Tuesday the 27th in the screenshot) they can only see the two time entries that the member created on July 26th (#2, #3). The 1h 00m long time entry that was created today (July 27) will only be visible to Admins on the Insights tab 24 hours after being saved.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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