New feature 🎉 

  • Starting today you can track time together by creating a shared space with shared activities and tags. Just head over to the activities view and create a space for your company, team or project and bring the simplicity of Timeular to your team. To learn more visit

Fixed 🐞

  • Notes didn't get saved when starting another time entry right away after writing the note of the current tracking. We fixed it, allowing you to safely take the shortcut.

  • The app used to throw an error when you changed the activity and the note of the current running time entry. We shut that error down allowing you to edit as much as you want.

  • Our neat CMD/CTRL+S shortcut to save time entry edits sometimes didn't save the note for whatever reason. We taught them to behave.

  • For the bluetooth dongle users the device didn't re-connect after waking the computer up from sleep. We made sure that that lazy bluetooth dongle now wakes up too.

  • And if that wasn't enough, the dongle even got angry after trying to wake him up by re-plugging it. We calmed him down and he should not throw all those connect/disconnect notifications at you. Please, forgive him. You know, sleep is important.

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