What's new in Timeular 3.2

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New feature 🎉

  • Starting today, you can track your time offline. If you decide to switch working from home for working from a cave, boat, mountain, or other remote place without internet, you can still track anything from the time you went offline onwards and you can fill any gaps.


  • To keep an even better overview on spending the right amount of time on the things you want, you can now exclude activities from the weekly target. Just click on the target and exclude them.

  • In the past you had to type #/@ and a letter for tags to show up. Not anymore! Just hit #/@ and we will show you the list.

  • After a while we all don't create tags as often as we use existing ones, hence we have moved the action "Create #newtag" to the end of the list so you can apply existing tags more quickly.

  • You can now just double click between two time entries to create a time entry that exactly matches the gap and complete your time sheet faster.

  • Long activity names tend to be cut early. We have now increased the visible length so you can find the right one more quickly.

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