Offline tracking

Track time entries even if you aren't online using our desktop app

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The Timeular desktop app no longer requires an active internet connection in order to track or create time entries. You can now track time entries while you are offline!

If your internet connection is lost a notification will pop up at the bottom of the My Activities column to alert you that you are now working offline. While offline, only the Calendar will be accessible.

Locked time entries

In the example above, the time entries created prior to going offline display a lock icon. This indicates that these time entries are locked and can only be edited once you are back online.

Offline time entries

Any time entries created while you are offline will display the offline icon until your internet connection returns and the time entries sync. Entries created offline will briefly display a sync icon while this happens.

Returning Online/Time entry sync

You'll receive a notification to alert you that you're back online as well as one to let you know that the time entries are syncing and another to let you know when the syncing is complete.


While you are offline if you create any time entries that overlap with existing online time entries this will create a conflict. You will be notified of any potential conflicts when you return online and these can be resolved by clicking the "Resolve" button in the notification.

Using a Tracker offline

You can use a "known" Tracker (one that has been paired and assigned activities at any point prior to going offline) to track time entries while you are offline. A brand new Tracker cannot be paired/setup while offline, however, as long as you paired and setup the Tracker previously (at any point before losing your internet connection) you'll be able to track with it.

Please note: Offline tracking is currently only available in the Timeular desktop app. This feature is not currently available using the mobile app.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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