New feature 🎉

  • The analytics donut chart used to summarise time by activity only. We've added a toggle on the top right of it so you can sum time by Space and have an additional perspective to look at your time.

  • The group analytics now shows you a breakdown for all the people that actively share their data with you as a Space admin. With this you can help them to keep a healthy balance.


  • Productivity is not about squeezing out every minute of the day, but accurate goals matter. Starting today you can set targets by the minute.

Fixed 🐞

  • Online or offline? That's the question which our app sometimes couldn't wrap its head around. Thanks to your feedback it has improved and can now handle unreliable internet connections well.

  • In some situations the notes field used to jump around, probably because it got tired of sitting in the same place all the time. While moving here and there is important, it should not move unless you want it to.

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