What's new in Timeular 3.4

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New feature ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Pro feature: Do your clients or managers enjoy beautiful and insightful charts? Send them our new PDF report that you can now export from the top right of your analytics. The most impressive time report they might ever get.

Improved โฌ†

  • Just in time for the diving season, it's now easier to dive into your data. The revamped filters give you more opportunities to filter your stats, e.g. you can now search for entries that have either #this or #that tag, whereas beforehand you could only search for entries that had both of them. Just go and play with them!

  • Yes, it's me, this window speaking to you. Today is my last day of service at Timeular. In the next update my beautiful cousin will notify you about a new update and show you the news even before you get the update. Smart and helpful as always. Goodbye and thank you for spending time with me.

Fixed ๐Ÿž

  • With a flaky internet connection it was impossible or very slow to change tabs. Sorry for that, we've fixed it.

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