New feature 🎉

  • Track time with one shortcut from any app. Just use CMD+E on Mac or CTRL+E on Win/Linux to open our new feature QuickTrack, start typing what you want to track, and hit enter. You can even start a tracking with an existing note. 🎉

    It works from any text-editor, design-tool, email-client, and it's especially useful when you don't have the Tracker with you. ☀️

    If a tracking is already running, you can use the same shortcut to add notes. Give it a try now!


  • Just in time before winter our app reached a new peak level of performance and can handle thousands of entries without slowing down anymore. 🚀

  • On macOS our app will no longer ignore the native hide settings and get out of your way if you want it to. We still hope to see you here and there 👋

Fixed 🐞

  • After summer we all get a bit sleepy and so did our app, which sometimes didn't recognise a flip of your Tracker. We put it on steroids (not the same one as you know who) and it's always super reactive now.

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