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Quicktrack is here and it allows you to quickly and easily begin tracking a time entry using a keyboard shortcut of your choosing. By default if you press CMD+E on a Mac or CTRL+E on Windows/Linux this will toggle Quicktrack.

If you'd like to assign a different key combination to toggle Quicktrack or if you'd like to disable this feature you can do so in the Settings > Quicktrack area of the Timeular desktop app. Click the "Edit shortcut" button and then press the key combination you'd like to re-map the Quicktrack shortcut to.

When you open Quicktrack just start typing what you'd like to track and the drop down menu will populate your activities for you. You can open Quicktrack again to easily stop tracking as well.

You can even start tracking a time entry with an existing note.

If you want Quicktrack to remain open use Shift + Enter when selecting your activity or time entry and the Quicktrack window will remain visible so you can quickly enter notes, tags, or change the selected activity.

If you have a time entry that is already in progress you can toggle Quicktrack to add a note to this time entry.

Use Quicktrack on an empty Tracker side

If you want to track >8 activities you can leave one of the sides of the Tracker un-assigned and use Quicktrack to select an activity and quickly start/stop tracking a time entry.

You can enable this feature in the Settings > Quicktrack area of the Timeular desktop app:

Now, when you flip your Tracker to the empty side the Quicktrack window will pop up and you can select any activity in any folder and begin tracking.

If you encountered any issues or if you have any questions at all please reach out to us at [email protected]

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