New features 🎉

  • Everyone would like to spend more or less time on different things. This new version allows you to set and track more granular goals, e.g. spend less than 2h on emails. To create your first goal simply click on the "Set a goal" button in the top right of the Calendar view.

  • In the times of COVID everyone in the household is fighting over internet bandwidth. To relieve your internet connection we drastically decreased the size of our App updates.

  • With our redesigned left sidebar you can now distinguish individual spaces and their activities more easily.


  • This release includes multiple improvements and fixes for the Bluetooth handling so the connection to your Tracker should be established faster and be more stable overall.

  • We've been working hard on many performance and stability improvements and this version of the app should feel significantly snappier.

Fixed 🐞

  • We fixed a bug where scrolling to the end of the icon-picker for spaces would sometimes lead to a crash

  • Previously, while being offline the Timeular app would sometimes use too much CPU power. This issue was fixed in this release

  • If you have a shiny new M1 Mac your Timeular app may have crashed when you quit it. We fixed this crash and will be shipping full native M1 support in one of the upcoming updates.

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