Timeular introduced our new subscription system which allows you to quickly and easily manage your subscription billing as well as the number of Pro subscription seats you require all in one place.

As such, our legacy subscription platform is being discontinued and we're asking all of our customers with a legacy subscription to migrate it over to the new system.

You can see the amount of legacy subscription seats you have by viewing the notification in the Timeular app or by logging in to the legacy subscription system here using the email address that you purchased the subscription with and the password you created at checkout. These credentials for the shop account area are separate from your Timeular app credentials.

Please note: In the new subscription system all subscriptions must be of the same type, either monthly or yearly. So if you have 5 monthly pro subscriptions and 5 yearly pro subscriptions and you intend to migrate them all to the new system you must decide if you want 10 yearly pro subscriptions or 10 monthly pro subscriptions.

Once you have decided which subscription type you want to have going forward (monthly or yearly) you can either click the migrate button in the notification in the Timeular app or visit this link.

From here select monthly or yearly using the toggle switch in the top right corner and then adjust the amount of seats using the "+/-" buttons as required until the number displays the desired amount of seats. Click the "Migrate to Pro plan" button after that.

On the following screen there will be a "Add promotion code" button on the left-hand side where you can enter the coupon code from the migration notification you received in the Timeular app (there is a button in the notification to copy this coupon code to your clipboard).

This code will provide you with a prorated discount for the unused time remaining on your legacy subscription(s). Fill out your payment information and click the "Subscribe" button on the right and a new yearly or monthly subscription will be begin starting on the day of the migration and renewing either monthly or yearly on that date. The amount you are paying is only the difference between the end date of the legacy subscription(s) and the end date of the newly created subscription.

Once you've migrated your subscription(s) don't forget to assign them in the Settings > Members area of the Timeular app. We will automatically cancel your legacy subscription(s).

If you have any questions you can always reach out to us at [email protected] or via the chat app in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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