Released 07.06.2022

New features 🎉

  • We improved the way you edit Activities and Spaces 😎

  • The Activity Sidebar is now resizeable so you can adjust its width to your needs ↔ī¸

  • We now display the Time Entry Dropdown above your time entries so that you can easily see what is happening ahead of time ⌛

  • We imporved the performance of the Insights filter lists 🚅

  • You can reset your zoom settings anytime in the Calendar view 🔍

Fixed 🐞

  • We improved drag and drop behaviour in the calendar view 📆

  • We brought the "Me" filter back to the "People" insights dropdown ↩ī¸

  • QuickTrack now displays a space name to which tracked activities belong

  • Note fields in the time entry dropdown should now be scrollable ↕ī¸

  • Users should be able to log in to the app using the proxy window 🔑

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