Released 08.08.2022

New features 🎉

  • You can now save your most used filters in the Insights section so you get super quick access to your most used reports 💾

  • We've added an option to not show weekends in the clanedar view 🗓

  • From now on, you can customize the content of the PDF export 📝

  • We improved the way you can manage your subscription 💳

  • We added an option to group similar tags and mentions in the Insights view 📈

Fixed 🐞

  • Tags and mentions are now sorted alphabetically in the space modal 🔤

  • We've improved the performance of the Insights view ⚙️

  • We've fixed a faulty week range selection in the Calendar view 📅

  • We've fixed the way we truncate long tags and mentions ✂️

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