Each of us works on different projects or tasks, some can be generalized, some are very individual.

In order to transform ZEI° to your very own working device, we provide an erasable pen and two different types of sticker collections.


  1. To label general tasks, we created the Icon stickers. Stylish and to the point designed icons which represent precisely your task.
  2. We provide our ABSTRACT collection for projects you don’t want to label evidently. Choose one of the eight delivered graphics to mark the specific task or client. For instance, to label a creative task you can use the chaotic wild lines. When working on a monotonous task, we suggest the sticker with the nicely arranged lines. Just be creative, the key is in your head.

Erasable pen & eraser

We also provide an erasable pen that you can use to write or draw on your ZEI°. If you want to assign a new task to this side, simply erase it with the provided eraser - as many times as you want.

There are no boundaries in personalizing your ZEI°.

Show us how your ZEI° looks like

There are so many different ways how to use and label ZEI° and we just started creating a base.

Our goal is to make the time tracking experience even more awesome, so if you’ve already come up with a different approach or labeling idea, we’d love you to share it via email or on Social Media because we and a whole lot of time trackers would be grateful for it.

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