1. Go to https://profile.timeular.com log in and head over to “integrations”.

2. Click the “+” on the JIRA integration 

3. Enter your JIRA url (e.g. https://YOURAWESOMECOMPANY.atlassian.net/
If you click the “test” button, and you are already authorized you can skip step 6 to step 10.

4. Go to your JIRA instance.

5. At your JIRA instance go to “Settings/Applications/Application links” (Note: Only JIRA users with administrator privileges can do this)

6. Create a new link for Timeular with the URL https://profile.timeular.com

7. Enter the application name (Timeular for ZEIº) , make sure to check “Create incoming link” and hit "next". (Just those two fields are required here)

8. Enter your consumer and public key from the Timeular website.

9. Head back to the Timeular website and follow the next steps to grant Timeular access to your JIRA instance.

10. In the next step please select your default project lead and project type.

11. Now please select which project you would like to import into Timeular.

12. The final step is to configure four webhooks under https://YOURAWESOMECOMPANY.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/webhooks for the following events:

  • Worklog created
  • Worklog deleted
  • Project created
  • Project deleted

13. Head over to the Timeular website and hit the “complete” button.

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