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How to connect your Tracker using our desktop app
How to connect your Tracker using our desktop app

This article explains how to pair and connect your Tracker in our desktop app

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🚨 Important note for some Windows users 🚨

If your PC/Laptop has no integrated Bluetooth low energy (BLE) adaptor or you are running Windows 7 or a Windows 10 version older than 1803 (April 2018 update), you'll need to use a USB dongle. The USB Bluetooth dongle must be BLE compatible and must use a CSR8510 A10 chipset.

Please note: You only need to pair the Tracker via the Timeular app. You should not pair the Tracker as a Bluetooth device via your Operating System's Bluetooth settings. If you have paired it here please disconnect it before pairing the Tracker in the Timeular app.

Follow these steps to pair and connect your Tracker:

  1. Open the Timeular desktop app and click on "Settings" and then "Tracker".

  2. Press on the black button on your Tracker. The LED starts blinking blue.

  3. Click on “Pair” if it is a new Tracker being connected for the first time, or click on "Connect" if it is a Tracker that has been paired before.

  4. When you see a badge saying "Connected" you know that your Tracker is connected. 

The process works the same in our mobile apps (you can download them here). 

Need support? We're happy to help! Reach us via email or use the chat widget on the bottom right corner. 

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