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How to connect your Tracker using our mobile app
How to connect your Tracker using our mobile app

Learn how to connect your Tracker to our Mobile apps

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Please note you only need to pair the Tracker via the Timeular mobile app. You should not pair the Tracker as a Bluetooth device via your Operating System's Bluetooth settings. If you have paired it here please disconnect it before pairing the Tracker in the Timeular app.

On Android phones, please note that the Timeular app needs access to location services in order to scan for bluetooth devices.


Follow these steps to pair and connect your Tracker:

  1. Open the Timeular mobile app and click on "Settings" and then "Tracker".

  2. Press the black button on your Tracker to turn it on. The LED will start blinking blue.

  3. If this is your first time pairing a previously unknown Tracker you will see the new Tracker animation and can click the "Pair now" button at the bottom when it's complete, otherwise click the "Connect" button on the Tracker screen in the mobile app if it is a Tracker that has been connected before

  4. When you see a button saying "Disconnect" you know that your Tracker is connected.

First time pairing a Tracker

Connecting a known Tracker

If you're pairing the Tracker with our desktop app please consult this article for the pairing process.
Need support? We're happy to help! Reach us via email or use the chat widget on the bottom right corner.

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