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Designate time entries as 'billable' and set hourly rates

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Time is money and with the billable time feature you can track it ๐Ÿ’ฐ With billable time you can designate which time entries should be billable or not. If you choose, you can also configure an hourly rate for activities so it's easier to track earnings and write invoices with the Timeular reports.

Please note: The billable time feature requires a Personal Pro or Team subscription.

To get started hover over the Folder name and click the edit (pencil) icon that appears beside it. Here on the General tab you'll have the option to enable billable time and hourly rates. You can also select your desired currency. These options will be available to you when creating a new Folder as well.

To set an activity within the Folder as billable by default or not click on the "Activities" tab within the Folder settings window. Here you'll be able to click the dollar sign ($) icon to enable or disable the activity being billable by default. You can also assign the hourly rates here. Clicking the edit button (pencil icon) beside an activity in the Calendar view will allow you to edit that activity directly.

Please note: Only full access members of a Folder will be able to see the billable time information

Now when you track a time entry using this activity you'll see whether it is billable or not (indicated by the toggle switch with the dollar sign icon)(1, 2) and, if you've set an hourly rate, you'll be able to see the amount that is billable for this time entry in the "Insights" area of the app.

Completed time entries will contain a dollar sign icon to indicate they're billable (3).

Once you have some billable time entries recorded you can head over to the Insights view to see the total amount in the currency you selected in the settings (1) accrued for the selected Timespan, the amount of billable time per activity (2), and the amount accrued per activity(3)*

*Please note: The total billable amount will only be shown if you use the same currency for the hourly rates across all billable Folders/activities. If you are using multiple different currencies you'll see the following warning displayed:

If you have a Personal Pro or Team subscription you can export this information in XLSX, CSV, or PDF formats using the Export button in the top right corner:

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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