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How to manage your subscription
How to manage your subscription

Learn more about how to manage your subscription

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Navigate to the Settings > Workspace > Billing area of the Timeular app.

How to edit your payment method or billing information

Click the "Manage subscription and invoices" button (1) in the "Your plan" summary at the top of the page or click on the "Manage my plan" (2) button below your current plan:

If you want to add or change your payment method click the "+Add payment method" (1) button and enter the new information. You can delete the old payment information after by clicking the three dot icon beside the unwanted payment information and clicking "Delete".

If you want to update your billing information click the "Update information" (2) button and you'll be able to update the info here.

Please note: With Team subscriptions only subscription Owners can manage billing details. If you have been assigned a seat from a Team subscription in either a Member or Admin role you will not be able to change any billing details.

Switch to Monthly or Yearly billing periods

Timeular offers subscriptions that can be paid monthly or yearly. If you'd like to change the billing frequency you can do so on the Settings > Workspace > Billing area of the Timeular app.

Your current billing period will be shown near the top of the page in the Your plan summary. Click the link to change from Yearly to Monthly or vice versa.

How to add seats to your Team subscription

If you need to purchase additional Team subscription seats you can do so via the Plan & Billing section. Simply click the + button to increase the amount of seats associated with your Team subscription and then click the Add x extra seat(s) button to complete the purchase and update your subscription.

Once the additional seats have been purchased they can be assigned to Timeular users via the Settings > Workspace > Members section.

If you're looking to cancel your subscription(s) you can learn how to do so here.

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